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Text Drive Meme!


You want to join the game with a (new) character? Maybe you're simply curious about the premise? Or maybe you just need a sample. Well that's the meme for you to try and test your character as if they were already in the game! The meme is open to anyone!

• Reply to this entry with a character you consider apping! Put your character’s name and fandom- Your usual meme thing.
• Comment around with your pups. You can also post and tag with characters already in-game of course!
• Most importantly, have fun!!
• Then feel free to go and reserve and app your character.
Shamelessly snitched from [community profile] towerofanimus
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[personal profile] babysage 2013-01-20 09:55 am (UTC)(link)
[Kotaro was also going into the bar, because it was his favorite place and Mercer was nice to him. He saw the floating skeleton and tilted his head, he was a little scary but looked small.] Hello!
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[personal profile] moralitypetrification 2013-01-20 11:01 am (UTC)(link)
[ another kid! Emil stopped, swaying a little, and peered down. His voice was pure childish delight, however. ] Ah, hello!
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[Kotaro's worry turned into a grin as he realised it was a child's voice.] Did you get brought here too?
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I just woke up. [ so yes! He drops down in a clatter of bones to eye-level. ] It's very nice to meet you. I'm Emil!
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[personal profile] babysage 2013-01-20 10:27 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm Kotaro! [Meeting his eyes completely unfazed by his appearance because he is nice and he might want to be friends!] I haven't been here very long but I can show you all the nice places!
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[ gleeeeee ] R-really?

[ that sounds like there are a lot of nice places THIS IS SO EXCITING. ]
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Yes! There's lots of cool places! [It's the most exciting place even if it doesn't have his brother.

Emil is floating so Kotaro is going to assume he can fly, take his hand and set off.]
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[personal profile] moralitypetrification 2013-01-20 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)
[ He squeaks slightly in surprise when Kotarou starts to drift upwards, but he's happy enough to be pulled along. It's really nice to have a hand in his, actually. Warm. He's never had a friend his own age... he pauses, a moment later. ] Are we friends, Kotaro?
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Of course we are! [Kotaro grinned over his shoulder and then swopped down to fly between the houses.] Do you like parks?
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[personal profile] moralitypetrification 2013-01-21 12:20 am (UTC)(link)
I don't know! What's a park?
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[personal profile] babysage 2013-01-21 02:31 pm (UTC)(link)
It's a place with lots of trees and grass and flowers!
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[ oh he sees it. ] It's a giant garden!
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It is! Come on! [And down he swoops, probably scaring some nice old couple taking a walk or something.]
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[ Emil hasn't noticed if they're scared or not, so he just chirps a 'Good morning!' as they zoom past. ] What do we do here?
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Whatever we want! What do you want to do?
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I... I don't know! [ he's been saying that a lot today. His head by this point is swivelling enough that he might as well be the Curiosity Sphere. OH WHAT IS THAT. He makes an aborted movement towards a brightly-coloured sweets stand. ]
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[personal profile] babysage 2013-01-21 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[Kotaro's head doesn't do that! That's not fair! So he just spins in circles to make up for it.] Sweets! I have some money! Come on!
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[personal profile] moralitypetrification 2013-01-21 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Money! He forgot he'd need that, how embarrassing... but no time for that, because they're at the stand almost faster than physically possible. ] Are they expensive? They all look delicious.
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Not too much. [He picked a selection, pausing in case Emil wanted anything in particular.]
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[personal profile] moralitypetrification 2013-01-22 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[ after a pause where he realises Kotaro means to share, Emil points out some that interest him (or interest him more than the others, since he'd pick everything if he could) with enthusiasm ]
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And that and that and some of that [The stall owner puts it into a bag and Kotaro counts out his money carefully and hands it over, money is something new to him but he's slowly getting the hang of it.] Race you to that tree!
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[personal profile] moralitypetrification 2013-01-24 09:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Kotaro has a head-start but Emil isn't weighed down by a bag full of sugary snacks. Unfortunately Emil's so busy watching Kotaro that he completely misses the tree and has to double back to reach it. ]
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[personal profile] babysage 2013-01-26 12:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[Kotaro pauses before touching the tree, because he might like winning but he is a vampire of justice after all.] This tree silly!